Christian Service

All students commit to a program of service in which they devote 10-40 hours of their time to others and their communities. Their obligation can be fulfilled in a variety of ways with the approval of the service program director Mr. Groneck.

The requirement per year is as follows:

  • 10 hrs – Freshman
  • 20 hrs – Sophomores
  • 30 hrs – Juniors
  • 40 hrs – Seniors

Christian Service Program Explanation

Click  here for a listing of recommended agencies and organizations

Click here for the online Christian Service Hours Form

*Note – National Honor Society Members must perform an additional 10 hours and participate in a selected NHS service project

Service Project Opportunities

  • Holy Cross Elementary
    • After School Tutoring Program
    • Contact: Ms. Matts  Phone # 859-581-6599
  • Latonia Elementary
    • After School Tutoring Program
    • Contact: Nancy Thacker   Phone #859-292-5825 ext. 1841
  • Salvation Army – Covington
    • Children’s programs
    • Art Programs
    • Setup/cleanup for events
    • Tutoring during the school year
    • Volunteers needed year round
    • Contact: Pam Wright  Phone # 859-261-0835
Tutors Needed

The principal at John G. Carlisle Elementary is reaching out to people in our community who would like to volunteer their time as MATH and READING/WRITING tutors for their students in Covington, Kentucky.  Their tutoring program is a part of the District of Covington Independent Public Schools’ new and exciting overall plan to achieve student academic success. As one of the lowest performing schools in the state of Kentucky, John G. Carlisle needs your help in achieving that academic success our children are well capable of obtaining.


We do ask for the longest time commitment that you can offer. Consistency plays a very intricate part in our students’ routines. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. Thank you for your time. It is very much appreciated