Elite 30

In 2010, Holy Cross High School began acknowledging students who scored a 30 or higher on the ACT Test, which is used as an entrance examination by a majority of colleges and universities. A score of 30 places a student in the top 4% of students nationally and is a benchmark score all students strive to attain. It also practically guarantees students full scholarships to a large number of universities in the country.
The fact that so many students are achieving at a high level is credit to the ability and work ethic of our students and a reflection of the commitment of our faculty and staff.

Class of 2017

Elite30ClubPictured Above (Left to Right):
Top Row: Jake Hassert, Theo Maris, Drew McIntosh, Matt Hock, Dominic Hassert
Middle Row: Adam Kahmann, Christian Bales, Elijah Batson, Christian Bricking, Wesley Schmidt(’18)
Bottom Row: Isabel Wartenberg(’18), Kate Dreas, Courtney Turner, Molly Bilz, Katie Holtz
Also Over 30: Ehmet Thorton-Ayers and Katherine Frantz(’18)
Not Pictured: Brennan Schaefer(’18)

Class of 2016

Seniors:Michael Bramer, Zach Doerger, Nate Doggett, Catherine Ehlman, Sarah Kleier, Sydney Robke

Class of 2015

Seniors:Kelsey Ballman, Tori Bunton, Donovan Finan, Michael Groeschen, Joe Hock, Bailey Keith, Nick Scheper, Kylie Schaefer, Jacob Williams, Kenny Wilshire, Chase Wright

Class of 2014

Seniors: Regan Bales, Stanley Doerger, Lillian Frantz, Noelle Lameier, Marty McDaniel, Kyle McLaughlin, Evan Reynolds, Tim Woeste 

Class of 2013

Seniors: Alex Bramer, Elizabeth Ehlman, Chris Garrett, Grace Herrman, Megan Krumprlman, Kelly Millay, Rachel Tewes, Alex Sizemore

Class of 2012

Seniors: Emily Brazell, Marissa Doeger, Aaron Fuller, Brendan Hall, Josh Kahmann, Lauren Koop, Megan Scheper, Jacob Schlarman

Class of 2011

Seniors: Kelvin Adams, Andrew Bergman, Patrick Burridge, Clint Childers, Emily Crocetti, Ali Doggett, Lydia Doggett, Jacob Frantz, Taylor Ichinose, Nick Jehn, Tyler Johnson, Nathan Pappas, Mark Tewes, Annie Wolff

The 2011 senior class, in fact, set a high standard for others to follow. Among their achievements, fifteen students scored 30 or above on the ACT, five were selected for the Kentucky Governor’s school for the Arts, two received National Merit Scholarships, and one was a National Merit Finalist. In addition, the Class of 2011 had the highest ACT in a decade with a mark of 23.6 and nearly one third scored in the 80th percentile. The accomplishments of these students and the student body as a whole are remarkable, especially in light of the fact that Holy Cross educates students across the academic spectrum.

Class of 2010

Seniors: Nick Aerni, Jared Andrews, Mark Fehrenbacher, Eric Gregory, Sarah Groeschen, Xavier Hassert, Jamie Marsh, Andy Merritt, Nick Miller, Anderw Schaeffer, Brian Scheper