Governor’s Cup

Here is a pic of the group that took home medals from the District Governor’s Cup Competition on January 27, 2018:
(from left to right)
Ehmet Thornton Ayers: 4th Place – Arts and Humanities
Christian Bales: 2nd Place – Composition
Katherine Frantz: 4th Place – Language Arts
Wesley Schmidt: 4th Place – Social Studies
Jerome (Adam) Heist: 5th Place – Social Studies
AJ Wood: 4th Place – Mathematics
Regional Governor’s Cup is February 17.

The Governor’s Cup is a way to promote, reward and recognize outstanding academic achievement on the district, regional and state level. The competition is normally in February at the end of the Academic Team season.

The competition consists of several parts:  Written Assessments, Composition and Quick Recall.

Written Assessments are multiple choice tests given to individual students in the areas of Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, and Arts and Humanities.

Composition is on-demand writing based on a topic that is presented to the students at the time of the competition period.

Quick Recall has the same format as the Academic Team. It is similar in concept to the former television shows “It’s Academic” and “College Bowl”. Two teams of four players each answer questions based on Kentucky’s school curricula. Players use a buzzer system and try to beat the clock – and the opposing team – to the correct answer. Questions are from the same subject areas as the written tests.

Students are selected by the faculty to compete in Written Assessments and Composition.
Student in Quick Recall are members of the Academic Team.

2015 Governor’s Cup Regional Results

GovCupRegJoeHock2015-270x360 On Saturday, February 14, Holy Cross competed in the Regional Governor’s Cup at Highlands. Congratulations to senior Joe Hock who is advancing to state competition by placing 2nd in Mathematics. If you see him in the halls pat him on the back/congratulate him because he deserves it! He is definitely the hardest worker in the team.
The quick recall team fought long and hard. Two matches came down to one point. One went our way and the other didn’t. We were finally eliminated by what some may call our arch enemy, Simon Kenton. But the boys, who were all in shirts and ties, ended the day with a smile.
We had testers in every category and we are very proud if our team this year.
Joe will compete the second week in March in Louisville.

GovCupRegQR2015-500x360GovCupReg2015 (1)

2015 Governor’s Cup District Results
On Saturday, January 24, Holy Cross competed in the District Governor’s Cup at Highlands.
Here are the Holy Cross award winners:
Quick Recall: 2nd place
co-Captains Donovan Finan, Nick Scheper;
Michael Groeschen, Joe Hock, Nate Doggett, Kylie Schaefer.

   1st place: Joe Hock
   5th place: Nick Scheper

   3rd place: Joe Hock
   5th place: Tori Bunton

Social Studies
   5th place: Donovan Finan

Language arts
   5th place: Michael Groeschen

Arts and Humanities
   4th place: Elijah Batson

   2nd place: Natalie Jehn


The team will compete in the Governor’s Cup Regionals on February 14.