Kroger Program


By purchasing groceries, gas, prescriptions, health and beauty products, etc. at Kroger, you spend no additional money and HCHS receives a share from Kroger. You can designate 50% of the profit to your child’s (or any child’s) school fees for any year, your child’s (or any child’s) senior trip for any year, or to any team, organization, class, scholarship fund, the school general fund, etc. You can designate to just about anything except tuition. Get several family members and friends to use their Kroger card, and profits can accumulate quickly. You can use your share of the profits each year or let them accumulate for several years. We suggest designating it to a senior trip or senior fees, so it accumulates for a few years. When your child is a freshman or even younger, you can start earning for their senior trip and hopefully by the time they are a senior you will have earned enough for a free trip.

To receive credit from Kroger, you must
a) register your Kroger Plus Card (see instructions below)
b) report your profit amount each quarter (see instructions below)
c) designate where 50% of the profit should go.

To continue your support, your Kroger card registration must be renewed every April.

We send out parent e-mail reminders at the appropriate times for Kroger & Remke credits, so it is very important that you register to receive the parent e-mails. To register for parent emails, click here.

If you have any questions or need additional information, contact Tina Feldman at or at 859-291-8588.

To report Kroger Rewards credit and you already have an account:
1. Go to
2. Sign in.
3. Click on “View Your Reward Details”.
4. Scroll down to “Community Rewards”.
5. Copy and paste everything from the words “Community Rewards” through the “Last Quarter Kroger Donation Amount” into an e-mail to, along with your name, Kroger Plus Card Number (which shows near the top of the Kroger page) and optionally where you want to designate 50% of your credit.
If you cannot access it online, please call 1-866-221-4141 and ask for your 1st quarter Community Rewards amount. The school code number is 80916. Then e-mail your information to

To register a new Kroger card on-line :.
1. Go to
2. Click on “Create an account”.
3. Enter your email address and create a password (6-12 characters; at least one number).
4. Enter your zip code, hit “find store”, and click on your “favorite” store.
5. Create an account.
Enter your Kroger Plus Card number—use all 12 digits, even if the first and last ones are off to the side. If you use your phone number, enter that on the other line.
Enter your last name—if there’s a snag, try using all lower-case letters.
6. If you want emails from Kroger’s, check them; hit “save”; click “agree” box.
7. You will now be prompted to check email. Usually in 10-15 seconds, a message from Kroger’s will appear. Click on the long confirm website.
8. Hit “Log on to your account”.
9. Enter email and password.
10. Hit “Edit”; hit “Community Rewards”; hit “Edit Community Rewards”; enter name, address.
11. Enter “Holy Cross High” in “Find your organization”. When the school’s name comes up, click on the confirm circle.
If you encounter snags, click the “customer service” prompt and call.

Once you have registered your number, please send it to Tina Feldman at (or call at 859-291-8588) along with your name and designate where you want your 50% share of the profits to go.

To continue your support, your Kroger card registration must be renewed every April.