Mulch Delivery

The Mulch Sale Deliveries are April 21-23, May 5-7 and May 12-13.

We DESPERATELY NEED PARENT volunteer drivers, especially those who have a truck or can drive one of the big trucks we use (some require a CDL & some do not) and parents in cars or vans to follow the big trucks with a load of students to unload the mulch. Parents do NOT have to carry mulch, but can be strictly drivers. We also need a few experienced forklift drivers. Parent volunteers to sign up please click on the sign up genius at or contact Tina Feldman at or at 859-292-0904 as soon as possible to sign up.

Students should also sign up on sign up on sign up genius at

Click here to see the Revised Mulch Delivery Worker Schedule for Sports Teams and non-athletes.

Since the Mulch Sale is a school wide fundraiser ALL students MUST help deliver mulch. All students who only play one sport & all non-athletes MUST work 12 hours. Students who play 2 sports MUST work 18 hours & students who play 3 sports MUST work 24 hours. Anything worked over and above what is required can be used as small community service hours. If students cannot work on the day they are scheduled to work, they can work on another day. Students can work a few hours on several different days, if needed, to fulfill the required hours. If it is impossible for students to work, they can have a parent, friend, relative, etc. work for them. Parents and others please sign in with your name, the student’s name and sport or non-athlete (i.e., Jane Doe for John Doe-Golf or John Doe for Jane Doe-Non-athlete).

We are still accepting mulch orders in the school office through this Friday, March 31st. After March 31st, we are accepting mulch orders by phone at 859-392-8999 or online at ONLY. After March 31st, students can no longer hand in mulch order forms at school, but can still receive credit for phone and online orders. Also, all mulch money that has been collected needs to be sent into the school office as soon as possible.