Scrip Program

Holy Cross Scrip Program

The Scrip Program is a great way to support 
Holy Cross High School. By purchasing Scrip cards and certificates through Holy Cross for restaurants and businesses you already patronize, 
you spend no additional money and Holy Cross 
will receive a share of the money. Simply find something on the order form that you already use and order through Holy Cross High School. It’s that easy!

Next Scrip Order Due:     FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2018  by 9AM

Delivery will be a few days later.

Click here for the current order form.

Each Scrip order deadline is approximately the middle of each month, with a few exceptions.

We also keep some Scrip on hand to sell.

You can designate 50% of the profit to any group or school-wide organization, i.e. team, club, class, scholarship fund, etc. Scrip credits CANNOT go to an individual student’s fees or senior trip, but it can go to the senior trip for the whole class, which lowers the cost for everyone, i.e. Sr. Trip Class of 2018 is okay but it cannot go to Sr. Trip of John Doe Class of 2018. Remember to fill in the 50% benefit line on the order form. If there is no designation, the profit all goes to the school general fund to help hold down tuition. The profit percentages we receive are listed on the order form and are subject to change and calculated when order is placed.

  • Note: the Great Lakes Scrip Company has changed their website. Go to At the top, click on “Retailer List”, then click on View All. In the left column under Retailer Lists, you can click on Alphabetical List or Category List to download a complete list of 700+ Scrip retailers which can be ordered through HCHS. Check often. The list changes almost daily.
  • If you need Scrip quick or in between orders, have any questions or for more information, please contact Tina Feldman at or at 859-291-8588.

VALENTINE’S DAY IS ONLY A FEW DAYS AWAY Be sure to order Scrip for Valentine’s Day gifts.

FREE SHIPPING WITH CABELA’S We can receive FREE shipping on our order if we purchase $150 or more in Cabela’s gift cards. If you usually buy Cabela’s or want to try it, now would be a great time!

Bonus Profit % this month! Be sure to order the following Scrip, which has BONUS profit percentages this month: Landry’s, Morton’s, McCormick & Schmick’s, Saltgrass, Caribou, DelTaco & Krispy Kreme Doughnut Shop. For a current complete list, go to To order anything not on our order form, enter it in the “other orders” space on our order form.

KOHL’S SHOPPERS! You can pay your Kohl’s charge with Scrip at any register in the store.

Afraid your child will forget to hand in your Scrip order? If so, please send an e-mail to letting me know to expect it and if it’s not turned in by the deadline, we will call your child to the office and get it.

The scrip order forms will be sent via the parent e-mail system and through parent snail mailings with report cards, etc. If you do not have a current student and would like to receive the order forms via e-mail please click here to add yourself to the parent e-mail list, or contact Tina Feldman at or at 

You may also earn your child’s (or any child’s) school fees for any year, senior trip for any year and more by shopping at KROGER and REMKE. Kindergarten thru 12th grade or even younger can start earning NOW without spending any additional money!