Spanish Club

Moderators:  Karen Barth and Nicole Davis

The Spanish Club is an organization that enriches knowledge of Hispanic Culture. This club is not only for students taking a Spanish class but also for anyone who would like to enhance their cultural awareness. This club meets once a week during enrichment and will participate in themed activities both during and after school. Students will have the opportunity to advance communication using the Spanish language but also learn about:

  • Food and Traditional Dishes
  • Music and Dance
  • Holidays
  • Other Festivities and Traditions
  • Societal and Family Values
  • Study Abroad Opportunities
  • Tourism

Since Spanish class usually revolves around Spanish grammar and writing, joining the Spanish Club is a great opportunity for students to be involved in cultural activities and practice speaking the language in daily life. Plus, it is great for those seniors preparing for college, to get a feel for studying abroad.

If interested in joining or if you would like to suggest any activities,
please contact Ms. Karen Barth or Ms. Nicole Davis.