Basketball Intramurals

Moderator: Dave Groneck

Intramural basketball is open to any student not involved in a winter sport.
Intramurals fosters teamwork and amusement for all students involved.

Rules of Conduct and Participation

  1. Intramural basketball is a school function. Therefore, all school rules apply.
  2. Students who participate in intramurals represent our school and are expected to use appropriate behavior.
  3. Students may not play if absent from school the day of a game.
  4. The “Student Smoking tobacco Policy” will be enforced.
  5. Arguing with officials will not be tolerated.
  6. Team captains are responsible for the behavior of the members of their teams.

League Rules

  1. Games will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday of each week. There will be no games during exams or during Christmas break.
  2. Games will be played at Trinity Methodist Church on the corner of Church St, and Southern Ave.
    The court is small so teams will be 4-on-4.
  3. The league will last 9 weeks plus tournament.
  4. The cost per player will be $20.00 and needs to be in at the time of sign-up.
  5. Games will start at 3:15 with the last game starting at 4:10.
  6. Everyone must complete an emergency form.
  7. Players are responsible for their own transportation.
  8. Any player who cannot come to the game must notify their team captains.
  9. If a player cannot wear their team jersey they must wear a shirt of similar color.
  10. If school is cancelled, or if we have an early dismissal because of weather, all games will be cancelled also.

Game Rules

  1. Games are 40 minutes in length. Two halfs, each 20 minutes with a running clock.
  2. Team Captains are responsible to see that everyone plays during each half.
  3. Player fouls out on the 5th foul.
  4. Bonus after 6 fouls, there is no double-bonus.
  5. Each team gets two time outs during the game.
  6. Ties will be decided by a free throw shoot out at the end of regulation time. Best of five.
  7. Hard, intentional fouls will not be tolerated, and will result in suspension.