Why Holy Cross?

Your initiative to explore new frontiers has led you to one of the most dynamic academic programs in the country. Holy Cross High School has built a strong academic tradition and applied innovative analytical teaching methods that promote a well-rounded student while excelling the student’s gifts and talents. Mediocrity is not acceptable for any student. Holy Cross High School will challenge your student to work on their weaknesses and explore, excel, and become masters of their strengths. 

What do students say about Holy Cross High School…..
“Holy Cross is a place for everyone. From the field to the classroom, peers and teachers are cheering you on. No one wants you to fail; quite frankly it’s the opposite. It seems like everyone wants you to succeed and conquer your goals. The most important thing to me is the atmosphere. It’s almost like we are one huge family.
If you put effort in and show your personality you are guaranteed friends. With everyone being so accepting and friendly, you really have to try to have a bad time. The teachers are incredible. Every single one of them care about their students and help out as much as possible.
I can honestly say this school is one of the best around. I could argue all day about how my school is better than anyone else’s.”
Dawson Taylor, Class of 2018
“After leaving my old high school, the one thing I wondered is why id didn’t come to Holy Cross earlier. One thing I especially love about Holy Cross is the campus. It’s great to be able to go outside when switching between classes.
The people at Holy Cross are also really nice. When I came I immediately felt welcome. The teachers all were extremely helpful with the transition and I’m really looking forward to a great 2nd semester to my senior year.”
Anthony DiPuccio, Class of 2015 (transferred to H.C. after Junior year)
What do parents say about the education at Holy Cross High School…..
“My daughter received the most incredible  foundation for college and life, academically, spiritually and socially, from her quality education at Holy Cross.  I wouldn’t think twice about sending her siblings to Holy Cross because there is a unique family atmosphere that lasts forever.  Thanks to the Holy Cross faculty for making it possible for Taylor to receive one of the many full scholarship to the University of Louisville.”
Terri Ichinose 1977, Taylor 2011
“Holy Cross High School was an excellent choice for our twins.  They were both challenged appropriately for their academic aptitude, resulting in state and national recognition.   But that’s only a small part of what Holy Cross did to prepare them for their future.  Holy Cross provided a strong, nurturing, and diverse school community where they were encouraged to explore their talents both inside and outside the classroom.  The school environment allowed them grow on many levels.  We are very grateful for Holy Cross High School and the opportunities it provided our children!!”
Ken and Danette Doggett, parents of Ali and Lydia 2011