Academic Coordinators' Message

Coordinators' Message


Your initiative to explore new frontiers has led you to one of the most dynamic academic programs in the country. Holy Cross High School has built a strong academic tradition and applied innovative analytical teaching methods that promote a well-rounded student while excelling in the student’s gifts and talents. Mediocrity is not acceptable for any student. Holy Cross High School will challenge your student to work on their weaknesses and explore, excel, and become masters of their strengths.

Your student’s first encounter begins with an interview that involves test result evaluation, course planning, and post-secondary planning. Holy Cross believes students, parents, and former teachers know the student best and, therefore, should be active participants in the decision of course work
and level. We will never send a computer-generated placement schedule to your student.

Once you become a part of the Holy Cross educational experience, the next four years will be designed to plan for your post-secondary future. Each year the student is evaluated by their current teacher and recommended for the following year’s classes. They meet one-on-one with the academic counselor to choose the classes that will prepare them for a successful career. All students are given the opportunity to take a variety of standardized tests to prepare for college entrance exams, such as the ACT and SAT. Along with this, a free ACT preparation seminar is offered during their enrichment class.

Holy Cross graduates 100% of the senior class, with 86% attending a four-year college (Class of 2023), 12% attending a two-year or vocational school (Class of 2023), and 2% entering the workforce or military (Class of 2023).

We welcome your questions and comments, and we are proud of our academic success!


Ashley Moseley, Academic Dean
Terese Meeks, Academic Advisor
Hannah Knox, Academic Advisor