Mission Statement

Holy Cross District High School provides a quality Catholic education for all of its students through the deeply rooted commitment of the Holy Cross school community to education, diversity, family and religion.

Education: Holy Cross has a strong educational program geared to the needs of all its students.

Diversity: Holy Cross is proud of its diversity in accepting all of its students and challenging them to grow in acceptance of themselves and others.

Family: Holy Cross is a caring family of teachers, staff, parents, and students not only of the present, but also the past, building together the future of Holy Cross.

Religion: Through the call of Jesus in loving service to one another, Holy Cross stresses dedication to a vibrant faith-life through programs of service, community worship, spiritual days of reflection, and traditional instruction in the faith.

Holy Cross High School is a place that demands everything you can give,
and nothing less, and in return gives you undying loyalty and friendship.”

-Speech on Leadership Day, 1998 by Mrs. Susan Schlarman, a former teacher now deceased.

Philosophy and Objectives

As a Catholic institution, Holy Cross High School exists to provide each student with an atmosphere of responsible freedom in which he/she can develop those attitudes, skills, and abilities which will enable him/her to live as a good Catholic and a good citizen.  Thus Holy Cross High School aims to achieve the following goals:

  1. To develop and environment of high academic expectations that maximizes each student’s potential and opportunity for learning.
  2. To accept the varying abilities of all students and encourage each person to reach his/her potential through a well-balanced curriculum.
  3. To develop in each student the ability to apply learned skills and knowledge to the world of work and other life experiences.
  4. To have parents and faculty work together to help develop in each student a sense of personal worth, responsibility, self-discipline, and initiative which lead to internalized learning and living the Gospel values.
  5. To provide a value-centered environment in which each student can develop a meaningful relationship with God and others through instruction, prayers, and sacraments.
  6. To help students become aware of their value to the community and encourage their participation in community service projects.
  7. To meet standards set for secondary education by the State Board of Education, the school board of Holy Cross High School and those requirements set by the universities and colleges.