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Faculty and Staff Directory

Any faculty or staff member may be contacted through the school’s main phone number.
To contact a Holy Cross High School faculty member by email, please use the appropriate email address from the directory below.

Holy Cross District High School
3617 Church Street
Covington, KY 41015

Phone #  859-431-1335
Fax #      859-655-2184



Holtz, Mike

Biology, Astronomy, Geology

B.A. Biology, Northern Kentucky University; M.Ed. Administration, Xavier University

[email protected]


Alley, Cody

Science Dept.

Health, Physical Education, Advanced Physical Education

B.A. Physical Education, Northern Kentucky University

JV Soccer Coach, Bowling Coach

[email protected]



Missing Teacher1

Barnett, Erin Mulroney

Holy Cross HS Alumna 2001 

Math Dept.

Geometry, PreCalculus, Advanced Math Topics & Statistics

B.A., Mathematics, University of Louisville

M.A.T, Secondary Education, University of Louisville

Assistant Coach, Academic Team

[email protected]


Lisa Baumann 1

Baumann, Lisa
Math Dept.

Honors Algebra I/II, Honors Accelerated Geometry, Advanced Topics in Math

B.S. Psychology, Northern Kentucky University; B.A. Mathematics, Northern Kentucky University; MAT, Thomas More College

Assistant Girls Soccer Coach, Assistant Fast Pitch Softball Coach

[email protected]



Beane, Angela
Math Dept.

Honors Algebra II

B.A. Secondary Mathematics Education, University of Kentucky

[email protected]



Black, Brittany
Science Dept. – Chairperson

Holy Cross HS Alumna 2006

Honors Biology, Honors Anatomy and Physiology, and Advanced Topics in Biology

B.A. Secondary Education, Biological Sciences, Northern Kentucky University, Masters of Educational Administration from Xavier University 

Girls Varsity Soccer Coach, Student Council Moderator

[email protected]




Dipzinski, Jayne
College Advisor

Academic Enhancement
B.S. Business Administration, College of Mount Saint Joseph
[email protected]



Fuller, Aaron
Science Dept.

Holy Cross HS Alumnus 2012

Biology, Advanced Topics in Biology, Academic Enhancement

B.A. History, B.S. Biology, Thomas More College; MAT, Thomas More University

Head Girls Cross Country Coach, Head Track and Field Coach

[email protected]


Sr Mary Sharon Goller

Goller, Sr. Mary Sharron
Religion Dept.

Religion I, Academic Enhancement

B.A. Education, Thomas More College; M.Ed. University of Kentucky; Certification in Supervision and Curriculum, Xavier University

[email protected]




Groneck, Dave
Religion Dept.

Holy Cross HS Alumnus 2002

Religion II, Biology I

B.S. Biological Science, Physics (Minor), Northern Kentucky University; Religion Certification,
Diocese of Covington

Boys Soccer Head Varsity Coach, Intramural Basketball Coordinator, Service Hour Coordinator,
Pep Club Moderator

[email protected]


Holzschuh, Amber

Foreign Language Dept.



Julian, Anne
Athletic Director, Academic Transitions

Holy Cross HS Alumna 1986

Psychology, Academic Transitions

B.S Psychology/Counseling Southwest Missouri University; M.ED Secondary Education Social Studies, Southwest Missouri University, Intervention Specialist Certification Xavier University, CCA Certified Athletic Administrator 

Assistant Varsity Volleyball Coach

[email protected]



Kautz, Anna
Science Dept.

Chemistry, Chemistry in the Community, Honors Chemistry, Yearbook/Digital Arts
B.S. Chemistry, Northern Kentucky University
Science National Honors Society Moderator; Yearbook Moderator

[email protected]



Knox, Rob

Academic Dean
History and Social Studies Dept. – Chairperson

Holy Cross HS Alumnus 2005

TMU American History, Honors World History, World History, Ancient World Civilizations
B.A. Secondary Social Studies Education, B.A. History, Thomas More College; M.A. History, University of Cincinnati

Academic Dean; Curriculum Committee Chairperson; Y-Club Moderator; History Club Moderator

[email protected]


Kozerski, Adam

Math Dept.





Kozerski, Bruce
Math Dept. – Chairperson

TMU Calculus, Honors Calculus, Honors Pre-Calculus, Pre-Calculus
B.A. Physics, Holy Cross College; B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; M.Ed. Xavier University

Head Football Coach

[email protected]


Kathy Krumprlman

Krumpelman, Kathy
Academic Enhancement Program – Coordinator

Academic Enhancement

B.S. Cleveland State University; M.Ed. Xavier University
Certified: Developmental Disabilities(K-12); Learning Disabilities and Behavior Disorders(K-12)

[email protected]


Rob Kues

Kues, Rob
Science Dept

NKU Dual Credit Anatomy and Physiology I/II, NKU Dual Credit Biology

B.S. Biology, University of Kentucky; M. Ed., Northern Kentucky University; Rank I, Instructional Leadership, Northern Kentucky University



Craig Lipscomb

Lipscomb, Craig
Visual and Performing Arts Dept.

Holy Cross HS Alumnus 1992

Art I/II/III/IV, Art Appreciation, Digital Arts,Photoshop

B.F.A. Northern Kentucky University

Art Club, Yearbook

[email protected]


Emily Martin

Martin, Emily
Visual and Performing Arts Dept.

Theater Appreciation, Acting I/II, Theater Design

[email protected]



Meeks, Terese
Religion Dept. – Chairperson

Religion IV

B.A. Theology, Thomas More College; M.Ed. Xavier University
Academic Advisor, Campus Minister, Bowling Coach

[email protected]



Mejia, Caroline

Foreign Language Dept. 

Spanish I, Spanish III

B.A. International Affairs and Spanish, Western Kentucky University; Graduate Teaching Certificate, Southern Methodist University; Master of Science in Education, University of Miami

[email protected]





Meltebrink, Lincoln
History Dept.

Ancient World Civilizations, World History, Honors World History

B.A. Social Studies, Northern Kentucky University

Academic Team Assistant Moderator, National Honor Society Assistant Moderator, History Club Advisor, Y-Club Advisor

[email protected]




Mullins, Monica

English Dept.

Intro to Fiction & Writing Fundamentals, Elements of Literature & Writing, Writing Workshop & Contemporary Lit., Drama & Expository Writing, 20th Century Literature & Writing.

B.A English, Asbury University

Head Cheerleading Coach

[email protected]


Norris M

Norris, Michael

Practical Engineering and Design

Holy Cross HS Alumnus 1998

Mechanical/Architectural Drawing

Associates of Applied Science in Computer Aided Design and Drafting Technology, Brown Mackie College

Master Electrician/ Licensed Contractor/ Senior Electrical Designer

[email protected]


Norris T

Norris, Timothy

Holy Cross HS Alumnus 2005

[email protected]





Reardon, Shelley
Business and Technology Dept.

Holy Cross HS Alumna 1978

Web Design, Computer Applications, Personal Finance, Business Communications, Economics, Academic Transitions, Driver Safety

B.A. Business Education, M.Ed. Business Education, Northern Kentucky University

Moderator of SADD Club and Drug-Free Clubs of America

[email protected]


Reed Amanda

Reed, Amanda
English Dept.-Chairperson

Holy Cross HS Alumna 2000

A.P. English, Print to Screen and Plays, Honors English I, English I, 

B.A. English, B.A. Political Science, University of Louisville; M.A. Teaching, Northern Kentucky University.

Academic Team Moderator, National Honor Society Moderator, Y-Club Moderator, Newspaper Moderator, Title Funds Coordinator

[email protected]


Reed Scott

Reed, Scott
Dean Of Students

History and Social Studies Dept.

Holy Cross HS Alumnus 2002

American Government,  War and Peace, American History, TMC Foreign Policy, 21st Century History

M.A. History, University of Cincinnati; B.A. Secondary Education Social Studies, Northern Kentucky University

History Club Moderator, Y-Club Moderator

[email protected]



Ritter, Nicholas

English Dept.


Fr Tom Robbins

Robbins, Fr. Thomas
Religion Dept.

Religion IV

Pastoral Administrator

B.A. St. Pius Seminary; M.Div. Pontifical College Josephium

[email protected]



Ryan, Pat
History and Social Studies Dept.

Honors American History, American History

B.S. Political Science, Northern Kentucky University; M.Ed. Xavier University

[email protected]





Snell, Sandy

Academic Enhancement

[email protected]


Sr. Suzanne Rose 




Trame, Jeff

Religion Dept.

Holy Cross HS Alumnus 1978

Religion I

M.Ed. Education, Xavier University,

B.A. Secondary Education, Northern Kentucky University

[email protected]



Fr Jeff

VonLehmen, Fr. Jeffrey
Religion Dept.

Religion III

B.A. Biology, Northern Kentucky University; B.A. Philosophy, St. Pius Seminary; M.Div. St. Meinard Monastery; Spiritual Direction Certification, Creighton University

[email protected]


Wagner Tony

Wagner, Tony
Music Dept.

Music Appreciation, Modern Music History, Music Ensemble

B.A. Liberal Studies, Northern Kentucky University

[email protected]



Wermeling, Rob
Religion Dept.

Religion I/II/III

BES Theology, Thomas More College

Varsity Baseball Coach, Pro Life Club Moderator

[email protected]



Zynel, Melanie

English Dept.

Elements of Literature/College Pre Writing, World Literature/Creative Writing, Science Fiction/Survival Literature,

20th Century Authors/ Intro to Formal Writing 

B.A. English Oakland University, Rochester, MI, M.A. English Wayne State University, Detroit, MI

[email protected]




Shelley Crowley
Office Staff

[email protected]



Beth Lachmann
Office Staff

[email protected]


Advancement Office
Development, Annual Appeal, Recruiting, and Alumni



Jamie Lameier
Director of Advancement

B.S. Elementary Education, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Holy Cross HS Alumna 1989

[email protected]


Dot Trame

Trame, Dot
Advancement Coordinator

[email protected]



Niehaus, Terry
Alumni Coordinator

Holy Cross HS Alumnus 1988

[email protected]


Bornhorn, Stephanie

Database Coordinator

Holy Cross HS Alumna 1998

[email protected]


Feldman, Tina

Virtus Coordinator, Fundraising Coordinator

[email protected]


Financial Office


Simpson, Jill
Financial Office

[email protected]



Steenken, Nancy
Financial Office

[email protected]


Cafeteria Staff


Cusick, Stephanie
Cafeteria Staff

[email protected]




Hassert, Lily
Cafeteria Staff


McHenry, Erin

Cafeteria Staff



Maintenance Staff


Joe Jackson

Jackson, Joe
Maintenance Staff


Kieth Julian

Julian, Keith
Maintenance Staff