Preparing for College

Upcoming College Events:


 This year, we are happy to announce our partnership with a Kentucky-based tutoring and test prep company Free Test Prep Online (FTPO) Its founder, Timothy Ward is a Virtus certified 2009 graduate of the University of Notre Dame, and in 2021, he ran a free ACT program for Covington Latin School. This year he has expanded the program to include all schools in the Covington Diocese. As part of our partnership with FTPO, Mr. Ward will be hosting a free webinar– How to Raise Your Child's Worst ACT Subject Score by 8 Points– for all our parents on Wednesday, January 26th, at 7 PM ET. The 30-minute webinar will give you simple, free, and low cost strategies to help your student prepare for the ACT (the next ACT is coming up early March!) Mr. Ward will also be announcing another free program exclusive to the schools in the Covington Diocese. We are very excited to be able to provide our community with these resources, and you won’t want to miss this webinar! Please register for the webinar at



Planning Calendar for Seniors:

There are many steps along the path to college. Get a helpful planning guide to follow here.

Eventually, you will need to turn in teacher and/or counselor recommendation letters to colleges or scholarship programs. Please complete this personal biography form and have it ready to give to the teachers or counselors who will be writing the recommendation letters. This will help them gain a full perspective on the areas they need to highlight….(example, your awards, honors and your service to the community and extracurricular activities).

For any questions or personal guidance contact:
Jayne Dipzinski
College Advisor
[email protected]

859-431-1335 ext.193



Scholarship Opportunities:

-Covington FOP $500 Scholarship

To earn the Covington FOP Lodge #1 Fallen Officer Scholarship, seniors must fill out an application found HERE and write an essay answering, “What does living in Covington mean to me?” The essay should be between 400 and 700 words long and must be original and previously unpublished. Applicants must be either a resident of Covington or attending school in Covington.

All applications must be received by July 1, 2022. They should be emailed to [email protected] or mailed to:

FOP Scholarship

516 E. 18th St.

Covington, KY 41014



-Click here for information on a Scholarship for Veterans & Dependents

- Click here for the Application for Veterans & Dependents Scholarship


- Click here for Eastern Kentucky University's FREE Application:


- Students who apply to Thomas More University by Nov. 1st will receive a $1000 Saints AWARD!


- Click the link below for the application for the Lincoln William Grant Legacy Scholarship, the Dr. Nancy C. Riley Walton Memorial Scholarship, and the Charles F. James, Sr. Scholarship.

Scholarship Application Link



Paying for College


Students who are planning to attend college this fall should fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) anytime after October 1st! You can complete the FAFSA online at

If you need additional information that can help assist parents and students, or if you need additional copies of the FAFSA worksheet, please go to


Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarships (KEES) are available to Kentucky high school graduates who are residents of the Commonwealth of Kentucky as determined for purposes of admission and tuition assessment by the University. KEES awards are available for a maximum of 8 academic terms and must be used within the earlier of attainment of a baccalaureate degree or 5 years from high school graduation. KEES awards can be used for the fall and spring terms only and are not available for summer coursework.
All students must keep track of their own KEES money. Go to and click on student account. Make sure soc.sec.#, Date of Birth and each years GPA. is correct. You have a limited time to fix this information or it will be lost. The money will not be paid to you. This is out of the counselor's control. They do not have access to your account any longer. This is YOUR responsibility! Please contact your counselor with any questions. If you do have incorrect information on your account, e-mail the incorrect information and the corrected information to your counselor ASAP.

Information about the ACT can be found at


Registration packets for the ACT & SAT are available in the High School office.
You may also register online at

Holy Cross High School ACT Code: 180-555

ACT Test Dates:

For ACT test dates and registration, deadlines go to

Test Fees:

  • $42.50   ACT No Writing
  • $58.50   ACT Plus Writing

ACT Prep Information

All junior students have the opportunity to take ACT prep classes at Holy Cross. These sessions do not guarantee you a 36 on the ACT, but will familiarize students with the format and “quirks” of the test. There is no charge, so you will definitely get your money’s worth. Prep classes begin in October and meet during Enrichment period. A mock practice test will be given on a date to be determined in February. Click here for more information on Holy Cross ACT prep classes.
Additional prep help can be found at

College Visits

When visiting colleges it is helpful to take notes while you are there. A college visit checklist that can be used to help you remember some of the details or to compare colleges later can be found here.

As seniors plan to visit colleges, we must also remind parents of the regulations regarding these visits.

  1. Unless an official visit or tour is scheduled, all visits should be made on weekends.
  2. To arrange a college day, contact the college’s admission department for their visiting procedures.
  3. In the case of an official visit, a form from the counselor is required to be completed at least three days in advance of the visit.
  4. The principal and the teachers of the student must sign this form.
  5. Absolutely no college visits during the fourth quarter of the school year are allowed.

Before arranging any college visits, call the school office at 859-431-1335 for a permission form, or print one here. Please remember these regulations as you plan ahead with your child.